Shmove Reservations

March 2021_

Our team was tasked with creating a reservation system for In-Ki Shiatsu. The main goal was to lower the barrier for making an appointment. This meant that we wanted to reduce the for making an appointment and show availability as quickly in the process as possible.

For the backend we used Django, to make API entrypoints. Then on the frontend we used Vue.js to make API calls. This was my first time developing full stack with dedicated front and backend. My main role was that off frontend developer, when I started out I hands-on close to zero experience with javascript, let alone javascript frameworks. This project was a great way to dive headfirst into fullstack development.

Making an appointment

For the customer facing part of this project we wanted to show available appointments as soon as possible. While researching other reservation systems one of the major frustrations where long sets off questions we had to answer before seeing availability.
As our UI would be part of the Shiatsu Studio's website, color schemes had to match and lay-outs had to be very simmple since context would be provided by the rest of the page.

Keeping overview

Near the end of the project I also worked on some off the API's and the dashboard for the therapist. The system has options for seeing booked appointments, planning new appointments, blocking appointments, changing customer info and planning vacation.