Hello, I'm Wolf.

I'm working on systems that combine, transform and analyze data to improve infrastructure. Currently interning at Siemens Mobility, where I am analyzing brake recuperation of trams.

Portrait of Wolfram Friele

I'm a former 3D-animator who used to work in the advertising industry. While I still think animation is incredible, after 8 years working in the industry I was starting to feel tired making advertisements. I had always enjoyed the technical aspects of 3D-animation, and had become the go-to person on my team when people needed help debugging scenes. When a former colleague responded to a brief introduction I had written about myself for a pitch deck with "Dude, you sound like an engineer, let me rewrite that for you,” something in the statement stuck

In 2020 I decided to follow that thread and make a career change. I started studying Open-ICT at the Hogeschool Utrecht, a new project-based program that has given me the opportunity to work on some interesting real-world applications. For the Ripe NCC I attempted to detect problems in neighboring Autonomous Systems. For Yunex Traffic I built a scalable traffic prediction system based on road loop detector data from the NDW. I’m currently at Siemens Mobility, where I'm analyzing brake recuperation data from trams with the goal of finding opportunities to further increase the amount of recuperated energy.

Outside of work you’ll find me training for endurance sports, in the summer of 2023 I finished the Race Around the Netherlands in 7 days and 10 hours. Other than that I love building and repairing things, from bikes to furniture to keyboards.